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Information on our website is general advice, based on our past experience and current regulations and policies. There are many factors and different circumstances which may affect the eligibility of any visa class being granted and any statement or comment we make on www.migrationconsultants.net.au may not relate to your specific circumstances and MECA INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD will not be held responsible for any person/s visa application being refused.

MECA has researched thoroughly the information submitted on this website, however its information can only be used for general purposes and we encourage you to contact one of our experienced Migration Agents or Advisors, before relying on the information posted on this site due to ever changing immigration regulations and policies


The information presented is subject to change without any prior written notice. The information is compiled from different sources and is subject to change without any notice. You may check or seek verification on the official website of Department of Immigration and Citizenship Website (www.immi.gov.au).


MECA has no say nor does it guarantee the approval of any visa application, all Australian visas can only be granted by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and/or foreign diplomats for the Australian Government.

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MECA takes no responsibility or liability arising from the information presented on the website. You may assume the risk that the website may be not updated, typing errors, and inaccurate information or may not meet your specific requirements.

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Migration News

  1. Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL)

    The current Skilled Occupation List (SOL) has been released by the
    Department of Immigration & Border Protection.
    If you are planning to migrate under the following visa streams you are
    required to nominate occupation from this list;
    * Independent points based skilled migration who are not nominated by a
    State or Territory Government Agency
    * A Family Sponsored Points Tested Visa
    * [...]

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  1. Testimonial – Dewa

    I Dewa Ketut Adi Putra
    As a person who born and grown up in a small village in the east of Gianyar – Bali, I never been travelling aboard and my knowledge about Australian education system was very little. However, studying and living overseas was my biggest dream.
    The first time I stepped in to MECA office [...]

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