Australia is number one in vocational education and training. Students can go directly into a career or use your vocational studies as a pathway to university. At Australian training institutions you will gain career focused skills that are high in value and in demand with employers.

Vocational courses are designed to be an independent and active learner both in the classroom and in the work environment. There are diverse ranges of courses such as:

  1. 1. Business management
  2. 2. Marketing and communications
  3. 3. Health & science
  4. 4. Environmental studies
  5. 5. Sport and recreation
  6. 6. Engineering and building
  7. 7. Hospitality and tourism
  8. 8. English
  9. 9. University preparation courses

In Australia students can study vocational courses through Technical and Further
Education (TAFE) institutes and private colleges. Vocational education institutions
are carefully monitored by the government ensuring that quality of teaching, staff
and courses are maintained all the time.

An Australian vocational education qualification is achieved by the students through Diploma and Advanced Diplomas. After finishing these qualifications students progress into their higher course levels, including university degrees.

VET Courses

Australian vocational education and training providers offer diverse and wide ranges of course options to choose from in the most popular fields.
Australian vocational education institution provider’s work together with the employers who have identified skills that are critical to their work needs called National Industry Competency Standards. As soon as the students demonstrate their achievement based on Industry Competency standards, they become graduates.

Frame Work of VET Courses

Qualification Duration Career path
Certificate I 4-6 months Competent Operator
Certificate II 6-8 months Advanced Operator
Certificate III About 12 months qualified tradesperson or technician
Certificate IV 12-18 months Supervisor
Diploma 18-24 months Para-Professional
Advanced Diploma 24-36 months Junior Manager

Quality Assurance in VET

In order to maintain the consistent national training products and quality assurance in Australia, there is an agreement between the Australian Federal government and state and territory governments called the National Training Framework.

There are two set of standards for the Australian Quality Training Framework. An Australian education institution who wishes to provide vocational education training must be registered with.

There are a number of federal and state government agencies which look after the monitor, compliance and quality of vocational education training framework.

Registered Training Programs (RTO):
State and Territory Accrediting and Registering bodies. All VET providers must be registered with RTO.

Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF):
National Accrediting body. All VET providers provide evidence with the AQTF Standards.

Australian National Training Authority (ANTA):
Australian national authority gives advice on the quality issues to the Australian government.

Australian Council of Private Education and Training (ACPET):
ACPET is the peak association of private providers of higher education and vocational education training in Australia. its mission is focused on:

  1. 1. Innovation
  2. 2. enhancement of quality
  3. 3. choice
  4. 4. diversity in Australian education and training
  5. 5. National and global development.

Australian Council of Independent Vocational Colleges (ACIVC):
ACIVC is the private body for private vocational colleges in Australia, which provide business and business related courses. It operates it own tuition assurance scheme which guarantees that students get the study or tuition for which they are enrolled in.

Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS):
Students on a study visa are covered by the consumer and financial protections of the Education Services for
Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000.

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