Life in Australia

Australia is one of the best countries in the world. Australia is a land of contrasts, sweeping golden beaches, tropical rainforests, mountain ranges, vast grazing lands and sweeping plains.

Ever wondered what happened to The Real Australia ? The Australia where the trees weren’t part of a ‘landscaping design’. Where the only things colouring the water were fish. Where it was harder to find a noisy spot than a quiet one.
It can still be found in Western Australia with unspoilt beaches, amazing scenery, big blue skies, friendly faces all whilst enjoying a world class education in the heart land of the state leading Australia’s economic boom.

Worlds most beautiful and popular cities

Sydney is Australia’s oldest city, the economic powerhouse of the nation and the country’s capital in everything but name. It’s blessed with sun-drenched natural attractions, dizzying skyscrapers, delicious and innovative restaurants, superb shopping and friendly folk.

Although it’s come a long way from its convict beginnings, Sydney still has a rough and ready energy, and offers an invigorating blend of the old and the new, the raw and the refined. While high culture attracts some to the Opera House, gaudy nightlife attracts others to Kings Cross.

The laid-back outdoor lifestyle and natural beauty make Sydney a great city to live work and study.

English speaking country

Australian qualifications and education institutions are recognized globally for their high quality, standards and excellence. Students who study from Australian institutions are very successful in finding jobs through out the world in multinational companies. Australia is the third largest country behind UK and USA for the international students.

International cuisine

Australia is a multicultural country and society, it is very easy to find foods from a range of cultures. There are Asian grocery stores and European delicatessens in most cities and towns as well as shops for vegetarians, vegan or kosher food and butchers who prepare halal meat.

The range of restaurants in every city and towns such as Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Turkish, Italian, Japanese and Mexican.
Safe Country

Australia is very safe with a low crime rate, political stability and a harmonious society. The incidence of robbery and assault is relatively low and Australia has strict anti-gun and drug laws.

A peaceful country, Australia has never had a civil war had to fight for territory or had a political coup. Australia is an open society, based on equality for all people.

Practice religion

You can practice your religion anywhere in Australia. In Australian cities and towns you will find places of worship for many religions including Sikhism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, and Assembly of God.

Australian Economy

The economy of Australia has been strongest in the world, due to low inflation, low unemployment, boom in natural resources, well managed economy and sustained growth. Australia’s economy has been strong in recent credit crisis in US. Australian government’s stable macroeconomic policies have created the right conditions for the Australian business to grow and the business investment has grown by 8 percent each year.

Government Initiatives

Australian government has lots of initiatives to help businesses and people of Australia. Assistance is available through state and federal government departments. The departments are:

Australian Business Register (ABR)
You can register your business, register for GST and apply for tax file.

Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
You can get your tax file number from Australian taxation office.

Business Entry Point
You get all the information, that how to run a business or how to start a new business.

Job Search and Workplace
You can fulfill all of your staff needs to run your business efficiently.

Government health programs for the Australian community.

Center link
Australian government agency which assists people to become self sufficient.

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